The Genetic Code - 17 short files Mathematical patterns in assignment of codons to amino acids
3. Atoms in 24 amino acids
- mass division on atom types related to codon groups -

1. Distribution of the total mass on different atoms, R-chains:

He, we have the same partition of the mass on atoms, divided in these two groups, as in the main codon groups.

Atom types and their distribution on individual codon base groups of ams in 1st and 2nd base ordering, R-chains:

   - Also an example of similar number divisions along different "dimensions of polarities".

2. A comparison of the total number of atoms in the R-chains with number of C-atoms in R+B-chains:

Total of atoms in R-chains:          256
Total of C-atoms in R+B-chains:  128. Quotient 2/1.

Can this halving above in the codon groups be more than a coincidence?
How to express the "law" behind this, if any?
   Which skeleton as the C-skeleton doubles its nuclear positions in its active reactive or "radical" part ? One example could be the doubled projection of the body in the brain?

* Footnote:
a) His + Cys co-operate in the active centre of the enzyme
which breaks P-fructose-P into two halves, the start of the glycolyse.


C-atoms:   24 ams:    128 R+B    1
All atoms: 24 ams:    256 R         2   quotient
All atoms: 20 ams:    384 R+B     3
                                     |- 84
All atoms, 24 ams:     468 R+B

Note: number 384 of 20 ams, without double-coded, is divided
- 207 in R-chains
- 177 in B-chains, approximately the same division as of number 385 among 24 amino acids.

Note:    A2 + C2: 104 atoms ~ number of C+N+O+S in all, R-chains
                                                                                                            > 24 ams
             G2 + U2: 152 atoms ~ number of H in all, R-chains

Number of C-atoms in R+B-chains, 24 ams, = 128:
   in A1 + U1-coded ams: 81 = entire number of C-atoms in R-chains +1
   in G1 + C1-coded ams: 47 = entire number of C-atoms in B-chains - 1


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