The Genetic Code - 17 short files Mathematical patterns in assignment of codons to amino acids
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00   Survey of codon grouped totals of 24 amino acids

01   Roots out of 6-digit numbers in a 5-dimensional chain

02   Similarities of number divisions along different
       "axes of polarizations"

03   Atoms in 24 amino acids
       - mass division on atom types related to codon groups -

04   Z - L - p-numbers
       generating mass numbers of codon groups in R-chains

05  Triplet chains as approximation of sums of amino acids

06   Inversions of numbers
       generating sums among amino acids

07  Pyramids of numbers

08  3276 - 1504 - 544 - 960...
      Some other derivations of masses for codon groups

09  Chemical aspects on the distribution of codons

10  385 x 2, the "exchanged" amino acids,
      number 11 and number 7 etc.

11  B-chains - some more aspects

12  "Quark numbers"

13  Particle Physics - some number connections?

14  3rd base grouping of codons

15  Numbers of amino acids generating mass numbers

16 "A/Z"-numbers for elements and fusion

17 4 cdon type groups - the big number crown

18 Various other odds and ends


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