The Genetic Code - 17 short files Mathematical patterns in assignment of codons to amino acids
14.  3rd base grouping of codons

1)  For 24 amino acids we have an 8-8-8- division:

                                                                   A-number, R-chains:


2)  Number of ams seen in an orbital series:


In G+C-groups, 10 ams: 6 of them 2-base-coded* ~ d --> p-orbitals

In U+A-groups, 14 ams: 2 of them 2-base-coded *~ f --> s-orbitals

*GG+CC+GC+CG, + GU+CU (R total 159 + 100 = 259)
* AC+UC (R total = 76)

A doubling of the "2-base"-coded ams would give 32 ams, as disintegrated into steps
→14 →10 →6 →2.
    "2-base"-coded as separated off outwards in the chain (as the higher f-orbital in heavy atoms could be thought of as disintegrating into s- and p-electrons before the f2-orbital gets any electrons in the periodic system).

3)  Z-N-numbers of the 2,5-3-base-coded ams:

The division on Z and N in the groups with 3rd base U/C and A/G(A,G) is the same as between the codon types: 638 Z - 531 N, see about Similarities in number divisions along different "polarities".



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