The Genetic Code - 17 short files Mathematical patterns in assignment of codons to amino acids
17.  Big number crown

The codons with regard to 1st and 2nd bases may be ordered in 4 types with 6 amino acids (ams) in each group, here named:

GA - AG - CU - UC = Form-codons.....Mass sum of ams: 352
GU - UG - CA - AC = Cross-codons....Mass sum of ams: 418 .......Sum 770

GC - CG - AU - UA = RNA-codons.....Mass sum of ams: 412
GG - CC - AA - UU = Pair-codons.......Mass sum of ams: 322 ......Sum 734

Mass sums of the four codon type groups groups as derived from numbers and mirrored numbers in the dimension chain:

Signs +/- in last step 1-0.

It may be noticed that the two groups with sum 770 grasp over both numbers forwards and backwards, the other groups not.



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