Chemical elements

1. E-shells - orbitals from a dimension chain

The 2x2-chain behind the periodic system:

1. "E"-numbers as sum of outer poles:

2. If we theoretically have 5 whole shells (K-L-M-N-O) in the periodic system,
shells "P" and "Q" should be viewed as decomposition of the 5th shell.

We can see the whole series of elements (theoretically max. 110) as developed from one and the same dimension chain: higher d-degrees developed to steps in following lower d-degrees with a displacement from d-degree (as border) to steps (intervals):

According to this scheme , we get following numbers of orbitals:

In reality the second f-orbital of Uranium is "splitted" into 4 s, 6 p, 1 d, 3 f electrons.
It can be traced from the superposed figure series (9)-7-5-3-1:


The disintegration of Uranium to Pb 82 Z - what happens?
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