Astronomy / - a 5-dimensional model tested on the planet system and other data -
4. A graph for planet distances in AE


An invented graph or curve for planets as thrown out materia from the Sun along x-axis.

Horizontal axis in the figure versus vertical axis
as D4 - d-degree 4, radailly outward from the sun: 'nuclei' of small, tight planets, versus
D3, d-degree 3, tangential axis: heavy masses, gas planets.   (?)

The equation of 2nd degree for such a curve?


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1. Planet distances in AE - Exponent 3/2

2. Planet distances
- variation
of Bode's formula - 1/98

3. Planet distances out of a

4. A graph for planet distances in AE

Masses in Earth units

0. Planet masses
from the Exponent series

1. Masses of planets
from 1/98

2. Masses of planets from
a chain 2x2

3. Masses of planets from
simple triplet chains with exponent 9/4, [3/2]2


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