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Fatty Acids
- some general views
from the aspect of the
5-dimensional model

1/7 - Collagen

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1/7 - a mathematical principle behind the synthesis of fatty acids - and collagen?

The inversion (/\) of number 7, a periodic number and fatty acids:

It is a fundamental assumption in this model that physics and chemistry has a mathematical underground - a geometrical and arithmetic one.
   We can presume too that dimension degrees not only represent and form the geometries but also generate numbers.
   The cell-membrane could be seen as one of the most essential conditions for life,
an individualising border. And its most elementary structure as a border is made up of fatty acids and glycogen.
   Atoms as units has a parallel in cells as units on the biological level, and cell-membranes could perhaps be interpreted as an expression for the nuclear force in life chemistry.

What about 1/7 ?

7/\ = 0, 14-28-57-14-28-57... etc.

- The synthesis of fatty acids is a periodic one as the periodic number of 1/7.

- The elementary molecules of the acids are CH2: 14 A, CH2-CH2: 28 A...

- According to the views of the String Theory we should have 11 dimensions, with 7 of these dimensions inwards curved - to compare with the function of a cell- membrane ?

- Compare number 7 as 4 + 3 in the superposed chain of a dimension chain, see general aspects on fatty acids, link to the left.

- 7/3 also a kind of relation between superposed figures of first and second half of the chain, 21/9 = 7/3, inverted 3/7:

- 22 / 7 ~ p (Cf. 22: d-degree 2: 2a------1------2b, the form structure of lipids.)

A fatty acid and the process of synthesis and mass numbers (A)

Mass numbers of two of the most common fatty acids in animals:

Observe: The CH2-CH2-groups (28 A) can also - alternatively from Acetyl~, be derived from the amino acid Ileu: side chain 57 A.

Triplet numbers:

And what should it imply, reading the periodic number backwards (!)
- and parts of it too ? Mirror resonance in the underlying dimensional patterns of vibrations in the complex rooms of the 7 hidden dimensions of the String theory??

We can note that mirroring the 2-figure-readings in the period 3/7 gives a relation between the two fatty acids C16 and C18, uncharged and charged respectively:

Coenzymes, some of them, in the synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids:

One lipid:

1/7 and Collagen:

The collagen fibres are made up of series of the amino acids Gly - Pro - Pro:
(Sometimes Lys or Leu instead of a Pro.)
   Why just these amino acids, in this order? Is there any chemical explanation?

Their side chains (here called R-chains) has the mass-(A-)-numbers
1 - 42 - 42, sum 85:

The "B-chains" of the amino acids, the similar parts which combine through condensation in the peptide bonds, has the mass number 74-18 = 56 = 14+42.

Strangely enough we also find such figures as from 1/7 in measures of length and breadth of collagen in the entity Å (10-10 m):

The fibres line up alongside each other with 1/4 of a period length of displacement between them. (Numbers in the figure below from the source):

In muscle fibres of parallelly arranged Myosin and Actin filaments there are formed cross-links between actin and myosin when the muscles contract - as if actin was "climbing" stepwise on the myosin filament.
   Could there eventually be a related mathematical pattern of periodic numbers underlying this biochemically expressed action?

After synthesis of the collagen chains, some side chains of Prolin get oxygen as additions: hydroxi-Pro. Mass number 42 + 16 = 58 A.

Elastin, another fibrous protein, is said to contain much of the amino acids
Gly, Pro and Leu: The side chain of Leu has the mass number = 57 A
Suppose we just add Leu to the series of collagen; we get:

Other molecules appearing added to collagen:

- crystals attached to collagen in bone tissue:

Mass-number = 1004 A = 4 x 251 = 4/3 x a collagen period if with 3 chains
- Gly - Pro - Pro- = 251 A,

Triplet numbers of a dimension chain: 3 x 251 = 753 = 543 + 210.
1004 = = 2/3 x 1506: 543 + 432 + 321 + 210. Cf. sum of 24 amino acids.


In connective tissue, cartilage and bone appears

Hyaluronic acid, a disaccharide x n with a COO--group at one of the hexoses,
NH-CO-CH3, instead of OH at the other.
    (It is found among other places in the synovial fluid.)

Chondroitin sulphate, a disaccharide x n, with a COO--group at one the hexoses,
and a SO3--group + NH-CO-CH3-group at the other.
    (Much in cartilage.)

Chondrotin sulphate: (if with uncharged SO3- group) = 175 + 283 = 458:
   283 = 42+28+85+57+71


Histamine and Serotonin, in connective tissue:

- Histamine from the amino acid His, 155 A, -COO = 111 A:

4 2 8 5...: 42 + 28 + 85 = 155 = His (Histamine = 111 = factor in the period 1/7)

- Serotonin from the amino acid Trp, 204 A, + 16, -44 = 176 A, 175 charged.

In muscle fibres:

Carnosine and Anserine,
two peptides made up of β-alanine and the amino acid His:


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