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1) Week 0
Spectral lines of H
and the RNA-bases

2) To Febr. 16, 2006
Elementary particles:
Mass quotients in a
dimension chain

3) To 30 Mars 2006
Uranium 238 A, 92 Z
in a dimension chain

4) To 22 May 2006
Uranium A and Z from
inverted triplets 543, 210

5) To 2006-08-02
Uranium, numbers A and Z
in step 3-2, as 5 minus the
natural logarithm e

6) To 2006-10-08
Light velocity c
as quotient between the
centers of time and length
scales of Universe

7) Quotients between spectral wavelengths of hydrogen
atom H, the "Balmer series",
and the RNA-bases

8) The String Theory
with 7 folded up" dimensions:
Mass numbers of Fatty acids
from 2/7 and 3/7


Curious things - a few from start of this site

1) Weak 0: Spectral lines of the H-atom and the RNA-bases

The curious thing.of the week:

Spectral lines of the hydrogen atom, quotients between their wave lengths - and the numbers of the RNA-bases U, A, G:

Rydberg's constant: 1,0967758 x 10-7/m

See Electromagnetic waves about the Lyman-Balmer-Paschen-Brackett-series

2) Elementary particles: Mass quotients in a dimension chain:

 The curious thing of the week:
p/e =1836,12....     975.000 / 531 = 1836,158

p/e - π - μ - numbers - and a K -meson: x103


K°/e = 975, disintegrates into π-mesons. (Cf. here)

3) To 30 Mars 2006: Uranium 238 A, 92 Z in a dimension chain

Curious thing of the month             (see Menu, "Chem. Elements")

Uranium 238 - heaviest element in Nature
Mass number A = 238
Charge number Z = 92, Neutrons in the atom: N = 146

Triplet numbers out of a 5-dimensional chain
Compare 975/531 x 103 = 1836,156.~ the mass quotient
proton / electron.

975/531 = 2 x 91,8. x 10-2 2 x 92
= Z+N equal as in alpha-particles.
531/975 = 54,46., x 10-2: 54. = surplus of N.

4) To 22 May 2006:

Curious thing of the month             (see Menu, "Chem. Elements")

5) To 2006-08-02:

Curious thing of the month: the natural logarithm e:

6) To 2006-10-08:

Curious thing of the month:

Distances - scale of Universe, meter:
10-15———————→ 10+26:    Middle 10+5,5
Φ atom nucleus            Φ Universe

Time scale, seconds:
10-23 ———————→ 10+18    Middle 10-2,5
Time for light                  ~ Age of Universe
to pass a proton

Quotient  between middle of scales   10+5,5 /  10-2,5 = 108 , m/s,
~ the 10-power of light.

7)To 2006-11-04:

The curious thing from week zero:
   See links Bases, EM-waves, 543.

8) T0 2007-04-18:

The curious thing for the month:
The String.Theory with 7 folded up dimensions:
cf. Fatty acids for cell membranes and file 1/7.











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